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Political Sickness

Is anyone else sick of politics already.  Or, more specifically, sick of the parading around of our next would-be saviors.  Even though our next presidential election is over half a year away I’m getting sick already.  Here’s some of the main contributors to my sickness.

1. The assanine amount of money spent on trying to lay hold of leading this country.  I know it’s just how our elections work, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Can you imagine if just half of the money spent on campaigning was given to the poor, or even put toward our national debt?  Instead we throw millions of dollars away on what becomes the ultimate popularity contest.

2. The idiocy of clamoring to find something wrong with each candidate.  Does anyone really care if Barak made fun of a kid in first grade?  Or that John cheated on his fifth grade spelling test?  Hyperbole, but astonishingly close to reality.

3. How little anyone (often including the cadidates) cares about real issues.  Our presidential election is basically about creating the best persona, which includes saying what people want to hear, but seldom leads to any real innovation or trailblazing in dealing with the issues of our nation.

4. The United States’ Savior complex.  To listen to the candidates, and often the media outlets, we are only months away from having all our problems solved.  Of course, this is what many thought when GW took office, and Clinton before him, and so on.  The reality is presidents do some things well and some things poorly, but no president will cure all our ills.

These are some of the reasons I think those who claim to follow Christ need to be careful about the extent of hope they place in our political process.  It is important, and people should vote, and discuss which candidates are best.  But we only have one Savior, and his return is the only thing that will end pain, sickness, and death.  And he won’t be dropping major coin to win a popularity contest.