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Reflections on the Aurora Tragedy

Sunday was even more emotional than I expected.  On Saturday morning I decided to put off the sermon I had prepared and respond to the shooting in Aurora.  Sunday morning I had three different people share extremely difficult news about things happening in their lives.  I think this past Sunday turned out to be one of the most important I’ve had as a pastor–for me and many in the congregation.

Some people have asked about my thoughts on what happened in Aurora.  I feel like the best way for me to share it is to share what I said on Sunday.  So below are links for a PDF copy of the sermon and the iTunes page where you can find the podcast.

Reflections on the Aurora Tragedy (PDF)

Reflections on the Aurora Tragedy (iTunes)

Note: As of 1:20 pm (MST), the sermon is not up on iTunes yet.  It should be up any time now.