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My Crazy Daughter

Yesterday Michelle was trying to feed Ayla some yogurt.  She got a spoonful of yogurt, put it up to Ayla’s mouth and Ayla said “self.”  Okay, Michelle was more than happy to not sit there and feed our nearly two year old child, so she put the spoon down so Ayla could pick it up.  Ayla started to look upset and said “help.”  Fine, Michelle thought, I’ll feed you–so she picked up the spoon to feed her.  Now Ayla started getting really mad and started to cry.  She half-screamed “self!”  So once again Michelle put the spoon down and Ayla, now getting hysterical cried, “help!!”

 This continued back and forth until Ayla was a shambles.  If she can’t make up her mind about eating yogurt, imagine what we’re facing when she turns 15 (or 3)!!


We traversed northern Indiana this weekend to spend some time with family and see Michelle’s bro get Grand Champion at the showchoir competition.  On the way there I encountered three of my favorite signs (and by favorite I mean not favorite).

 1. On highway 30 as you enter the booming cosmopolitan area of Warsaw, there is a yellow caution sign (two to be exact, one on each side) that has a flashing yellow light on top of it to make sure you realize how important it is.  It says “Congested Area Ahead.”  Having sat pretty much parked on the freeways of both Denver and Chicago, without any signs to warn me of the impending congestion, I find these signs pretty silly.  I think the worst I’ve ever encountered passing through Warsaw was having to change lanes to get around the occasional tractor.

2. Just after the congested Warsaw there is a billboard for Open Bible Baptist Church (just to make sure you know that their Bibles open), and their slogan on the billboard is “Faith–the way it used to be.”  I wonder what they mean.  Was that when the open Bible was used to promote slavery, the subjugation of women, the Christian flag in schools, or when you didn’t have to worry about having a website?  I know, I’m overly critical, but it just cracks me up.  Who knows, maybe they mean when Jesus was still on earth, I’d be up for that!

3. The last one, and most serious to me, was a bumper sticker that has a yellow ribbon (for remembering our troops) with a cross in the middle.  Does God endorse our military?  Are we a theocracy?  Wasn’t the cross a place where the most powerful allowed himself to be tortured for the sake of others without retaliating?  I hope our troops are safe, and we can pray for their safety, but to put a cross in the middle of a military symbol has to border on blasphemy.