Leadership Journal

Bumbling the Great Commission
Is our discipleship too narrow?

My Rookie Season
What I learned in my first year as a pastor

Bubble Wrapped
Can a pastor escape the insulation of the Christian subculture?


Choosing Trust
Why the hardest decision in a small group is also the most important.

Overcoming Growth Plateaus
Premium Download

Life-Changing Small Groups for Couples
Premium Download

Do our prayers go deep enough?
Interactive Assessment

Meaningful Application in Small Groups
Premium Download

Recruiting Reluctant Small Group Leaders
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What I Learned from the Lazy Barista
If people are not following you, look at how you are leading

The Power of Presence in Prayer
Take time to settle your mind and as you meet the holy One

Flex Your Spiritual Muscles
Use power like our Master

The Christian and Baby Food
A desire to be “fed spiritually” may be killing us

Prayer Game
Three ways our prayers tell us about our faith

Unique Conformity

The Inconvenient Kingdom
When Christ and culture clash

Disciple or Student?
What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Ten Seconds
Five short and meaningful discipleship definitions

Your Marriage Matters
Why being a good husband is good for your whole family

Unlocking Your Wallet
Cultivating cheerful giving

Real Authority
Moving past debates on the positional authority of Scripture

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