The Power of Encouragement

IMG_1853Recently our family had the opportunity to go on a short vacation to Glenwood Springs. It was stunning. One of the highlights was the hike up to Hanging Lake. My daughter Ayla, who is six, was leading us up the steep trail. She loves to hike, but she was starting to get tired and her pace was slowing. As we passed four friendly older adults they spontaneously decided to cheer her on.

“Wow, look at her, she’s leading the way!”

“Great job sweetie! Keep going, you can do it!”

As their encouragement continued she picked up her pace and even started to run, spurred on by these strangers. One of the things I love about my daughter is that she’ll tell you what she likes. A few weeks ago on the way to her soccer game she asked if her grandparents would be there.

“I hope they are because when more people are cheering for me I play better,” she beamed.

She’s not the only one who needs encouragement. Whether we’re trying hard in life or feel like giving up, encouragement can make a dramatic difference in our effort. In 1 Thessalonians 5 we’re told to encourage one another and build each other up. This isn’t just a greeting card sentiment. Encouragement is essential. I’m thankful to have numerous people in my life who are great at encouraging (Cory, Michelle). I’m not very good at encouraging. But seeing the difference it makes in my daughter is challenging me to get better.

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