For Michelle on Mother’s Day

IMG_1678Technically you are a mom because you carried two children and brought them into the world. But that’s not what makes you a mom, not really. For you being a mom is a calling. You devote yourself to our kids. You ponder every detail of parenting because you feel compelled to give being a mom your very best. You continue to help our kids engage their world with creativity and compassion, even when they aren’t enthused about it.

What you do is not an easy job. Your clients can be demanding, ungrateful, and pretty whiney. They are brilliant in the things they invent to argue about. The hours are never-ending. And while there are moments of struggle, you never give up. You keep going with passion and determination. And the effects of your love, grace, mercy, discipline, creativity, and compassion are evident.

While our kids can frustrate each other they also care for each other in ways that can only be described as beautifulIMG_1760. They can be ungrateful but have regular flashes of deep gratitude for things I often forget. They can be whiney but those times are overshadowed by hilarious laughter and deep joy. They don’t always want to do school work (what kid does?!) but their faces light up when they learn something new (not to mention they love to read).

And this is the payoff for your relentless pursuit of your calling. Two kids who know what real love is and are learning to pass it on to others. Two kids who are advancing toward adulthood with the unspeakable blessing of a mom who would willingly lay down her life for them, and does on a daily basis.

I like to think and write about discipleship. It is living faithfully in the midst of your life–whatever life God has given. You do that as well as anyone I know. Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. Lovely, Trevor, simply lovely. Many men could follow your example here — showing the caring, love and appreciation for their wife and family. So many men take these precious things for granted (or at least never give voice to their feelings or thoughts about them). Michelle is, indeed, a remarkable lady (in every sense of the word), and God obviously thought so, too, to unite the two of you in HIs love for His life. Never forget the romance!

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