Thoughts on “7 Reasons to Turn Off the TV”

These thoughts relate to this article.

The 7 reasons to turn off the TV listed in the article are:

  1. Improve fertility
  2. Enjoy a happier marriage
  3. Live longer
  4. Sleep better
  5. Maintain healthy weight in children
  6. Have a better heart
  7. Help kids keep healthy diets

I’m not advocating watching more TV here (though that would at least get a debate going) but I do feel like these things are all tied to a few derivatives of not watching TV.

  1. You’re not exercising while you watch TV. Unless you’re watching TV while on the treadmill you’re probably justĀ chillin’ on the couch while the TV is spewing entertainment. While not watching TV doesn’t guarantee a more active lifestyle it certainly makes it more likely. Being more active helps improve fertility, increases longevity, brings better sleep, helps children maintain healthy weight, and makes a healthier heart.
  2. Hours of TV watching a day doesn’t scream discipline. When one area of your life is undisciplined it’s likely other areas are too. Lack of discipline makes for a poor diet. That impacts all the items in #1 and helping kids keep healthy diets.
  3. When the TV is on you’re not actively pursuing closeness with your spouse. A good marriage takes work and watching TV doesn’t help. I thought it was an interesting point the article made that people compare their marriages to the romantic/dramatic/passion-filled examples on TV and that is detrimental as well.

Based on these three issues I think they could come up with way more than 7 reasons to turn off the TV.

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  1. Other than the news, a few sporting events and the odd program or two every now and then, I do not watch television. It is loud, lewd, crude, boring, dull, repetitive, uninspired, cheap, crass and unrealistic. I do not like sarcastic one-liners, insipid stereotypes, shallow plots, nor tasteless commercials. I read, do my crafts, listen to music, drink wine or tea or work on my computer. In the summer, I am on the front porch, doing much the same, but reveling in the warmth of the season. Televsion is not a necessity in my life. It does not dictate my life. Even on the few times I do watch it, I often want to throw something at it. Often, I get up and turn it off. Unfortunately, television is the god of our cultural life. How many times have I heard someone say: “It has to be true; I saw/heard it on television!” It is the conondrum — does life imitate art or vice versa. Both are true. Unfortunately. Turn of the television and live your own life.

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