Taking a Break from Bad

Christians are good at pointing out things that are “bad”. The Super Bowl is bad. Beyonce is bad. People who say Beyonce is bad are bad. The suburbs are bad. Big churches are bad. House churches are bad. Republicans are bad. Democrats are bad. Sex is bad (or at least talking about it is). Our bad radar is bad (as in good).

I’m sick of our “bad” attitude. We’re supposed to be people of hope, love, joy, and peace. Seems like we’re really good at the opposite. I’m a Christian and I’m sick of Christian negativity. (No, the irony is not lost on me that I’m writing a negative post about negativity! I need this challenge as much as anyone.) 

Is a prophetic posture toward our world sometimes needed? Absolutely. But I’m concerned that we substitute cynicism and selective moralism for being prophetic. The allure of condemning others is incredibly strong. I’m not sure why that is, we should be people of grace and humility. More often we are people of judgment and pride.

So maybe we could take some time and consider what is good in our world. We could even do this with things we’ve labeled bad before. Some things may be void of any redemptive qualities, but most of the time there is some good to be found. Our world is much more complex than we make it. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, Beyonce, political parties, church forms, sexuality, or most anything else, there is a deep integration of beauty and ugliness, purity and impurity, sacred and profane. I think the same could be said for each of us. This is the reality of the world where we live until Christ returns. No doubt there are things that are truly bad, I just want to do a better job pointing out the good too.

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