A Thanksgiving Prayer

by James Martin

Dear God,

Sometimes my life is so rushed that
I have a hard time remembering to be grateful.
And even when I do remember I don’t pause to say thanks.

So help me to remember all the things for which I’m thankful.

For my friends, who make me laugh and keep me laughing at myself.
For my family, who you chose to be with me — sometimes for reasons I can’t quite see!
For my religious community, which invites me to connect with you in new ways.
For my job, which helps me put food on the table and clothes on my back.

And if I have no family or friends, or don’t have a job, let me be still be grateful.

For my country, which gives me the freedom to be the person I hope to become.
For my health, which helps me to praise you, and enables me to help others in need.
For the world itself, which you crown with your beauty.
And if I’m still not feeling grateful, increase my gratitude for little things.
For seeing a tree slowly turn red in the fall.
For the surprising cold of the first snowflake on my face.
For hearing a child’s laughter on a sad day.
For seeing a beautiful sunset after a tough week.

And if I’m still not grateful,
or am too rushed to savor all you have given me,
Please increase my openness to gratitude.
Magnify my ability to appreciate life.
And help me grow in thankfulness.
For that alone I would thank you,
Dear God.

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