Reflections the Day After

This morning my friend JD Punch asked on Facebook if it was safe to go back to social media now that the election was over. A commenter added TV and radio to the list. I feel the relief of freedom from political inundation with him, but as I reflect on our country and the recent election I feel heaviness about a few things.

The state of our political system.

BBC America reported that the money spent on the election topped $2 billion. $2 billion dollars to say the same thing ten million times. $2 billion dollars to try and tip the scales in one direction or the other–often not based on the merits of a candidate or their platform, but on fear and hatred. It breaks my heart to live in a country where we spend $2 billion dollars on an election. As we bemoan the increasing debt, the lack of jobs, and world poverty, putting up with that kind of spending on an election in an indicator of our priorities. And that doesn’t change by political party.

Lack of courage.

Reflecting on the election I don’t think either party has addressed our debt with courage. Each side proposed a different colored band-aid for a gushing wound. No one wants to cut spending or raise taxes in a way that would actually get our budget balanced and begin to pay down our debt. If I was in their place I can’t say I’d have the courage to do it either. Fixing this massive problem would require great sacrifice and pain. But instead of taking that pain on ourselves we will force it on those who come behind us. This betrays our deep affinity for comfort and selfishness.

Our country’s deep division

Conservatives get more conservative. Liberals get more liberal. Last night the Speaker of the House was threatening to not make compromises or work with the other side. I’ve heard the same said about our President, though I don’t know if the reports are true. This morning as I sit in a coffee shop I couldn’t help overhearing a man rail against our country because of the results of multiple elections and ballot initiatives. He angrily named all the groups he didn’t think we should pander to. His vitriol poured out promising to fight against everything “liberals” stand for. I pray those who claim to follow Jesus can find ways to be peacemakers in the midst of a divided country.

Moving on

As so many have eloquently written, our Savior is not from any political party and the kingdom of God certainly does not depend on one (or even on the existence of the United States in any form). Our hope is in Jesus Christ, who was and is and is to come. What I’ve written here is not apart from that, but in light of that. I’m not sure much of what we’re doing, either party, fits well with the kingdom of God. All the more reason that we need to get on with living it in our lives, families, neighborhoods, and communities.

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  1. The elections are over. The ballots cast. The winner declared. Now what?

    What will the United States get for the $2 billion spent to buy a president (and a previously used one at that)? It’s quite a price tag for one person’s words. Of course, $25 Million is a lot to pay for a used quarterback, and one wonders what one will really get for that price tag, too. In America, we don’t mind spending the Big Bucks for our pleasure. But we spend little on what is important.

    Billions spent and Millions spent. Did anyone who needed it get food or clothing or shelter from that money? Did anyone left devastated by the recent megastorm Sandy receive any financial relief from all that money? Did one homeless animal get so much as one kibble from those dollars? So much money spent; so little — actually, nothing — to show for it.

    I did vote. Reluctantly so. Among the proffered duo presented by the media it was a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils — or choosing the devil you know versus the devil you don’t know. Yet, when I opened my mail-in ballot, lo and behold, there were several alternatives. But not once did I see any of these viable alternatives visited by the national or even local media. Not even Roseanna Barr warranted any attention. Thus, it was the media that elected the president — not the electoral college and certainly not “we, the people.” I should have gone with a write-in vote for Maxine.

    But now, “we, the people” face another four years of a leadership by the people but, doubtfully, for the people. There will be millions spent on foreign aid while our own seniors are in want and need. Doctors will profit handsomely from the continued abuse of the medicare/medicaid systems while Obamacare looms as an unknown spectre over the people and the medical community. Will education and training really be offered — and will there really be jobs for all those people who will receive the education and training? God only knows — quite actually — and He isn’t saying anything. He alredy knows what will happen. I wish we all did.

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