The Other 50% (and this isn’t about politics)

One of the jobs we give our kids is dusting.  They are surprisingly willing to do it, but not surprisingly it’s not usually done well the first time.  They take their dusting cloths and go over the obvious surfaces, getting everything that’s easy.  But the nooks and crannies of the furniture seldom get touched on the first run.  We need to “encourage” them to go back and get the hard to reach places.

Discipleship is about every nook and crannie of your life.  God doesn’t want to transform fifty percent of you and leave the other fifty percent alone.  Being a disciple means learning to live your entire life as a disciple of Jesus—work, family, alone time, friendships, recreation, volunteering, finances, and the list goes on.

Most people who identify themselves as Christians offer at least a few obvious places to God—a couple hours on Sunday morning, a yearly retreat, maybe a few minutes each morning for devotions.  However, many people never consider how being a disciple of Jesus affects their job, weekend activities, or how they spend money.  And even fewer get into the real nooks and crannies like how being a disciple of Jesus impacts their purpose in life, goals they hope to achieve, or what things serve as invisible idols.

Being a disciple of Jesus means opening your whole life to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.  You don’t get to follow Jesus at church and with your family while following the American dream in your career and when deciding on purshaces.  As Jesus said, you can’t serve both God and money.

We tend to hide things in the nooks and crannies—things we don’t want anyone else to see—even things we want to keep hidden from ourselves.  But being a disciple requires bringing it all into the light of Jesus to be revealed and refined.  Disciples of Jesus work at bringing one-hundred percent of their lives under his authority.

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