6 Suggestions for Political Posts on Social Media

I have a confession to make. During the Vice-Presidential debate I broke a promise I made to myself. I had firmly decided to use all my self-control to avoid responding to the political drivel posted on twitter and Facebook. I don’t mean that it’s all drivel. In fact, I enjoy some of the commenting that happens during the debates. I don’t agree with some of my friends who think commenting on politics via social media is inherently inflammatory. I appreciate the thoughtful comments–and the funny ones. What I can’t stand is the same thing I can’t stand in the debates and the campaigns in general–derogatory statements coming from people so partisan they wouldn’t vote for the other party if Jesus was running (this is a critique of our allegiance to political parties, not an insult aimed at tearing down a person or people).

So as we head into the second debate and the last few weeks of the campaign, I am asking–no begging–those of you who call yourselves followers of Jesus to do a few things as you post about politics.

  1. Remember that all people are created in the image of the God you worship. When you defame, hurl insults, and demean them it is an offense against God. All people have immeasurable value, regardless of their political party.
  2. Be fair. I know that politics is an important arena of society and I don’t think Christians should ignore it. But before you post something consider whether it is a fair characterization of the side you disagree with.
  3. Be honest about the places where your candidate/party doesn’t line up very well with the way of Jesus. No one will think less of you for it.
  4. Think the best of those who disagree with you. Just as neither Barack or Mitt is trying to ruin our country, neither are those who want to vote for them.
  5. Keep perspective. The election is important but neither candidate will save or damn us. We have only one Savior and our hope should be in him, not a man running for office.
  6. Post things that are helpful. That’s a surefire way to set yourself apart!

For more on faith and politics check out my political platform.

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