Presidential Election Top 10

In honor of the presidential debate in Denver tonight I’m sharing my ten most annoying (or even disturbing) things about American political campaigns, and no, the impending traffic jam from road closures is not one of them.

  1. Campaign Finance. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent trying to swing the few voters who haven’t already decided. I’d vote for the guy who would take 50% of his money and apply it to something worthwhile like ending human trafficking, helping with world hunger, or even funding businesses that would create jobs.
  2. Silly Rhetoric. Both sides made thin arguments based on misrepresentations of the other side. Why do we fall for this stuff?
  3. Bumper Stickers. Take the most radical and baseless claims you’ve heard about either candidate, now make them three times more radical, now put anti-Obama stickers on big trucks and SUVs and anti-Romney stickers on Priuses (yes, I realize how much I just stereotyped!).
  4. Division. Nothing like a political campaign to divide people and help them remember how to not get along.
  5. Commercials. So thankful for three wonderful letters–DVR.
  6. Lack of Substance. This campaign is being decided on a speech Obama gave five years ago and a blurry video of one comment from Romney. I’m not saying the candidates have no substance or that there aren’t real issues, but the media (and both sides’ campaign strategists) shapes the election around whatever they can sensationalize.
  7. Spinning Our Wheels. One party gets elected–four years later the other party tells you what a crappy job they’ve done–no one listens–do that again–then the other party gets elected–repeat.
  8. Neither Romney nor Obama are coming to our church on Sunday. Seems like the least they could do.
  9. “You Decide 2012” (Read with a deep powerful voice)
  10. Oversimplification. Who the President is matters–but we always act like this is THE decision that will set the course for our country. The President can’t do a whole lot by himself.

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  1. I actually watched The Debate. All of it. I even recorded it. All of it. I am one of those “undecided” voters, although, by voter registration standards, I am a declared Democrat. Both candidates basically agreed with each other on the problems of the country – education needs, develop domestic energy sources, balance the budget, maintain entitlements, grow business, jobs and the economy. With such cohesiveness about the issues, maybe they should work together instead of being bipartisan (not a bad idea for all of government — maybe even go unicamercal and see how the government works). The analysts gave the debate to Romney. I gave it to neither one. Neither convinced me they can do anything more than talk well (and, remember, the president of this country is basically only a figurehead with some veto power). Neither one convinced me they really care about the people. Or the country. One astute analyst noted the most critcial difference between the two candidates: Romeny wore a red tie. Obama wore a blue tie. Hey, let’s have a write-in vote for Trevor Lee — he gets my vote for sanity.

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