Frustrating God

For the past two months I’ve been coaching my kids’ first and second grade soccer team. I have enjoyed coaching in the past, so I went into this season excited to work with the kids and help them learn to play together as a team. Last night was our last practice and I’m kind of glad it’s over. I still like coaching and I really enjoyed the kids on an individual basis. But this season more than any in the past this group didn’t do well responding to coaching. When we tried to share principles of the game half of them were wandering around scouting cloud formations. When we had them practice things do them right once and then go back to whatever they did before. Before games I would try to reinforce what we worked on in practice and they’d promptly go out and do the opposite. At times I’d literally be standing right beside them, telling them exactly what to do, and they couldn’t or wouldn’t make it happen.

There are some areas of my life where this is how I respond to God. He wants to lead me in the path of righteousness that will lead to the most good for the world, my friends, family, and myself, but I am off in my own world not listening. Sometimes he gets through to me for a minute but the second I think he’s not looking I go back to whatever I was doing before he convicted me. And at times, he hits me over the head with an insight or instruction and I just don’t obey. I must thoroughly frustrate God at times.

“If you love me you will obey my teaching.” Jesus

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  1. I am sure I frustrate God, too. But, then, the feeling is mutual. He frustrates me! I ask — but I don’t receive (or I don’t know if I have received because I don’t know what He wants me to receive); same with knocking and seeking. I knock, but it seems No One is home. I seek, but I can’t seem to find — or at least I don’t find what I want; and I don’t know what He wants me to find. It is hard to love a God Who is so vague He cannot always be found (or maybe I am the one who cannot find the right direction), understood, or even heard (the heart’s ears can be as deceptively and selectively deaf as the ones on the head). So, if I cannot heed God, it’s because I don’t know how to heed Him, hear Him, find Him, let alone obey Him. Perhaps, that is why I frustrate Him. I don’t know where He is. I don’t seem to discern His will for me. I don’t know His voice if or when I hear it. Ours — God’s and mine — is, indeed, a mutual frustration!

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