Uniqueness Required

My son looks like me.  At seven he gets a kick out of it when people call him “Trevor Junior”.  I doubt he’ll like that as much when he’s thirteen.  No matter how much he and I are alike, we are not the same.  There is no one on the earth who has exactly the same personality, passions, gifts, perspective, and experiences as you.  Even if you have an idential twin there are some differences!  God has a purpose for our uniqueness.

One of Paul’s methaphors for the church (both local groups and the all-over-the-world church) is a body.  The head is Christ—he’s the brains and the one that sets direction, and each person is connected to him and to the other parts of the body.  If a body were made up of all arms it would be straight up weird.  There is variety in the body for a reason.

God’s desire for those living as disciples of Jesus is not that they give up their uniqueness and become like everyone else.  In fact, that flies in the face of his purpose.  His goal for you is that you embrace all the unique things about you, refine them, and view them through the lens of discipleship.  God’s purpose for you is wrapped up in your uniqueness.

A quick example.  Let’s say you have a forceful personality.  You have no problem expressing your opinions and don’t mince words when you’re upset about something.  Taking that unique thing about you and viewing it through the lens of discipleship there are a couple questions you could ask.  First, how can you mold your personality to reflect the fruit of the Spirit—which includes kindness, gentleness, and love?  Second, what fits with the heart of God where a thick skin and some force of personality are needed?

Answering these questions would take time and more questions would come up in seeking the answers.  But one possibility is being an advocate for the poor.  Because they are often less educated and have little clout many people walk over them and don’t respect them as human beings.  They could use a kind, gentle, but forceful advocate to come alongside them as a friend and work for their good.

God wants to refine and redeem everything that makes you unique and use it for his purposes.  Discipleship requires being unique!

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