Tillers and Spiritual Growth

“…other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”  Matthew 13:8

The house we moved into almost a year ago has a dog run.  This is a devoted part of the yard just for the family dog (I had no idea before we moved to Colorado).  Well, we don’t have a dog, and despite our daughter’s begging we have no plans to get one in the near future.  So we wanted to do something productive with the dog run–since it was already fenced in we knew it would make a great garden.

In April we started getting it ready.  We rented a tiller and I spent a little over an hour getting my arms shaken off my body.  Then we bought fertilizer and spread it around on the newly-turned over soil.  A week later we got the tiller and went for a second round of arm shaking.  Then we made sure all the old weeds and rocks were removed.  We got the soil nice and wet and it was finally time for planting.  Even after planting keeping the soil in good shape takes a lot of work.  We have to do tons of weeding and water almost every day.  Preparing and maintaing the soil has been the most time consuming part of gardening by far.

God is regularly spreading the seeds of his kingdom on your heart and mind.  Are you taking the necessary time to prepare yourself so those seeds have a great chance to grow?  Keeping your mind and heart in a state where they are ready to receive God’s word is time consuming, never-ending work.  But without that work there is no chance of growth as a disciple of Jesus.

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