Thoughts on Invitation

One of the great things I’ve been able to be a part of in the last year is a small group of people from five different churches and our county’s human services department who have been trying to encourage the teachers at the local high school.  It’s a school with lots of great people and lots of challenges.  There is low parent involvement, very little money, and kids who have been in and out of school so they’re often behind in their education.  Today was the last day for teachers so we prepared a lunch for them to say thank you and encourage them.

While refilling the tortilla chips one of the teachers approached me with a flyer.  I had only met her once before and wasn’t sure of her name.  The flyer was an invitation to a huge 4th of July party her family hosts.  It touted all kinds of attractions–food, games, a great seat for the fireworks, and even a hot tub!  My first reaction was, “Wow, we should go to this, it sounds like so much fun!”  My second reaction was, “I don’t know if I want to go to this, I mean, I won’t know anyone.  Will I just be off on the side by myself with no one to talk to?  That would be so awkward.  Plus, she probably doesn’t really want me to come, she’s just trying to be nice.”

Something to think about before you invite someone to church (or small group, village, Missional Community, Community Group, cluster, pod, …).

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