Your Hope for the Church

This week Christianity Today is launching a campaign to have people share their hope for the Church.  This is a part of their launch of some new initiatives and branding.  Here’s what I said…

I hope the Church will increasingly make disciples of Jesus who understand the unique way they’ve been made and how God wants to use that. I hope we will all learn to see ourselves as a body with Jesus as the head–understanding our role and pursuing it with joy and purpose. I hope the Church will grow in diversity so that we can say there is neither black nor white, old nor young, male nor female, rich or poor, but all are one in Christ Jesus with integrity. And I hope through it all we remain faithful to the One who has given us new life, enduring purpose, and real hope.

I shared my hope, now go share yours.  Then let’s make it happen together.

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  1. Trevor, thanks for taking the time to share our campaign with your readers, and for your thoughtful, challenging words as always.

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