Your Sunday mission…should you choose to accept it

It’s another Sunday morning and many of us will make our weekly (or monthly) appearance at a church service.  Today I want to challenge you (and of course myself) to go with a different perspective.  Instead of going wondering if they’ll play your favorite worship song, what the sermon will be about, or daydreaming about the Super Bowl, what if today we all went with our eyes open to the needs of those around us?  What if we took one Sunday to focus completely on others rather than on ourselves and our experience?  Here’s a few ways you can make that happen.

Pray before you get there.

Before you leave for church, or even on your way, pray that the Holy Spirit will help you to see the needs of others this morning.  That you’ll have the discernment to see the person who is hurting and needs someone to cry with or the older woman who needs a hand getting inside or the new guy who is clearly moved during the service and could use someone to talk with afterwards.  If you’re going to church with other people, pray with them on the way, then you’ll all be thinking this way.

Listen to the Holy Spirit

When you sense the Spirit’s leading, follow it.  You’ve prayed the the Spirit would lead you, so trust that He will.

Engage God

One of the best ways to change your focus from yourself to others is to really open your mind and heart to the transformation of God through worship, teaching, and fellowship.  Focusing on others does not require you to disengage from really connecting with God–in fact, you will see the needs of others best when you connect with God deeply.

Nothing is too small.

When you see a need, just meet it, no matter how small it seems.  We all love the stories that come from doing something that seems big to us, but who knows the small good work God has prepared for you to do this morning.  Opening a door, a smile, a handshake for the person sitting by themselves, all of these things can make a bigger difference than you know.  The point here is to meet whatever needs the Spirit brings to your attention, not to determine if you think they’re worth meeting.

So your mission this Sunday, should you choose to accept it, is to go to church looking out for the needs of others rather than your own experience!

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