I have been at Mountair for almost a year now, and the longer I go the more I see a correlation between the transformation of the Holy Spirit and trials.  Many times it seems to me that in the past year I have seen more transformation in people’s lives and more pain in people’s lives than the rest of my life put together.  In many cases the bad things just pile up for people, they don’t get spread around.  I tell people that God never promised to save us from difficulty or pain in this life, and I know that’s true, but sometimes I want God to step in and give people a break.  I tell people that God is more powerful than any of the forces of evil, but it’s hard for them to see that as true in their lives.

It’s just such a tension–seeing the undeniable power of God and at the same time wondering when God’s going to show up.  Not sure what to do with it other than sit in it with people, love them, and pray for God’s victory.

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