If it ain’t broke, still fix it

The old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” came up today in regard to something we’re doing in the church and it got me thinking if that’s good advice.  In one sense I can see it–you don’t want to destroy something that’s going okay.  On the other hand, it seems like advice that settles for average in whatever area it’s applied to.  If my marriage is working okay, I’m not going to say, “Oh, it’s just fine as it is, I’ll just leave it alone.”  I want my marriage to be better everyday.  Same with my relationship with God, or with friends, or with the way we do things in the church.  I want us to always be getting better.  This doesn’t mean changing things all the time, but it does mean evaluating things to make sure we are doing our best.  So I say with things that are important, even if they ain’t broke they’re still worth fixing.

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