Lost is now lost

Last night I plopped down on the ‘ol trusty couch with some stuffed mushrooms and a drink to watch the finale of Lost.  I was surprisingly excited since I have only been about 73% into it the last two seasons.  But I was eager to see how it all ended and hopeful for a great finish after the previous two episodes were pretty strong.

After three and a half hours (and only that little thanks to the miracle of DVR) it had all come to an end–Lost was lost.  At the end I was left wondering whether I liked it or not–and beyond that, wondering if the ending was as epic as the producers clearly believed it was.  Today, after some more contemplation, I have mixed feelings.

On the positive side I thought the enlightenment Desmond began that spread through to Jack at the end fit well with their desire to make it a show more about the people than the plot.  It was a creative way to draw the parallel story lines together.  It also seemed to fit well into a Universalist spirituality which was pretty pervasive in the show.  They even made this explicit by having the symbols of all the major religions present in the final scene of Jack with his dad.  Whatever my thoughts about the legitimacy of a Universalist spirituality, it was consistent.

On the negative side the show dropped too many story lines.  As we watched the recap of everything leading up to the finale we were reminded of some of the compelling parts of the plot that were just dropped.  In addition, what seemed to be a major revelation–the origin and relationship of Jacob and his brother–and the ensuing importance of the protector of the island was finished quickly and unceremoniously.  This was the thing in the recent episodes that made me interested in the show again and it seemed they didn’t know how to handle it (or more likely I don’t fully understand where they took it).

Overall it was a show worth watching.  I enjoyed it and hope for something equally as creative to arrive in the near future!

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