My Kids Need a Big House and a Porsche

Today Isaiah had one of his friends from preschool over after preschool (if I could just fit the word preschool in a few m0re times I could set the record for worst sounding sentence ever!).  As they got in the car his friend was asking about our house.  As they were discussing it the friend said, “I have two houses, one here and one in Vail.  That’s in the mountains.”  Then he went on to share about all his toys and other things he has.  My reaction to all this surprised me–I got jealous!

This surprised me because for the most part I have internalized the values of Jesus enough that I don’t get too jealous about stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I want to drive my 1994 white Ford Tempo for the rest of my life, but I go through most of my days not thinking about it too much.  I have a car that gets me around, some people (okay, many people) have nicer cars that get them around, and it’s no big deal.  I don’t want the American dream of fame, fortune, and comfort most of the time anymore (though it still pops up once in a while).

Yet given today’s events it appears I do want the American dream for my kids.  So apparently I think following Jesus and not worrying about getting stuff is a good thing for me but my kids need stuff to have a good life.  Guess I really need the Holy Spirit to keep transforming my mind–big surprise.

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  1. In seeing the title, we just wanted you to know that there are limits to upcoming Christmas presents…..

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