Giving Up

Michelle, my wife, just wrote an important post of the will of God.  As a couple we have committed to following the leading of the Holy Spirit when we are confident together it is him.  It was that leading that brought us back to Denver to Mountair.  I can confidently say we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t committed to that obedience.  (Of course, we also might never have left for Illinois to begin with.)  One of the hard things about this type of commitment is it gets tested.  That’s fine until it runs into something I don’t want to give up.

One of the things I have held onto through the past few years of God transforming me is the idea that someday we will end up in a quaint little neighborhood with a big to very big house driving cars that are not 15 years old while our kids play with the nice neighbors after going to their top school in the state.

I have the feeling God will ask me to give up on all or most of that desire, and I don’t like it.  I mean, I’ve given my life to follow Jesus where he leads, sacrificing what needs to be sacrificed, so can’t I hold onto this one thing (well, about six things, but in one package)?  Pretty much the same question a young man asked Jesus.  That man walked away from Jesus because he wasn’t willing to give up his stuff.  I don’t have Jesus physically standing in front of me saying “give up that stuff you love and follow me.”  This allows me the opportunity to say I am following Jesus while choosing which requests of his I will obey.  The young man in the story didn’t have that option.

I can’t say I’m at peace with this.  I can’t say I can just give it all up.  So I pray that when God calls me or my family or both to something I’m hesitant to obey that he will also give us the strength to trust him and follow where he leads.

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