Don’t Talk About This

I don’t know why, but I was thinking about things you can’t discuss without someone getting upset.  I’m not trying to take a position on these things…some are things I might get upset about if people discuss them in certain ways, just saying they’re taboo.  I won’t be covering the obvious ones that always get brought up here.  Trying to bring something a little new.  Have anything to add?

  1. The value of pets.
  2. The competitiveness of women’s sports.
  3. Being a stay-at-home vs. working parent.
  4. Methods of discipline for children.
  5. How to interact with the person holding a cardboard sign on the street corner.
  6. The value of a person’s hobby.

That’s all I’ve go for now.  Additions?

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  1. I’ve noticed there are a lot of highly-charged topics that have to do with kids. I don’t know it it was like this for our parents, but it feels like a lot of people base their self-worth on their kids. Thus any statement that could be understood in a negative way about kids is bad news.

  2. As one of the parents Ryan refers to in his comment I will say that was one of my big frustrations-how having a discussion about kid-related things was hard because people often had their answer which was to be applied to all rather than making room for some diversity. How about learning and supporting parents rather than giving prescriptions that may be for the wrong kid!

  3. I worded that poorly. I didn’t mean you and dad specifically. I meant your generation because I don’t know if that is a generational difference or more of a universal thing. And I agree with you. In a time of differentiating curriculum and multiple intelligence awareness, there seems to be a shocking prevalence of archaically homogenized thinking with young children.

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