Pet Peeves

I don’t know if I’m irritable lately or what, but I’ve been noticing a number of pet peeves.  Here they are.

  1. When people tailgate in the middle of lots of traffic.  You’re not going to get them to speed up when there are ten cars in front of them.  I realized this one the other day watching the guy next to me drive a foot off the bumper of the lady in front of him.
  2. Mysterious stains on my dress shirts.  There’s nothing on them when they go into the washer, then I go to iron them after the dryer and there are stains that look like oil.  I’ve thrown away four dress shirts in the last three months.
  3. Loud breathing on exercise equipment.  I know you’re working hard, but if you’re breathing so loud I need ear plugs then you’re trying to draw attention to yourself.
  4. When people won’t get in line in traffic.  (Okay, I’ve done this one, so I guess I annoy myself.)  It just screams, “I am more important than all the people I’m passing and cutting off!
  5. People who fill up their water bottle or water cup with soda.  This one happened at Costco last week.  If you need the corn syrup liquid that bad shell out the 59 cents plus tax!

What are yours?

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  1. My list is definitely getting longer (which is probably bad).
    -The term play-date. Why does there need to be a corny name for getting kids together?
    -Misuse of the term irony. This is getting out of control. There needs to be a two year moratorium on the word so we can all remember what it actually means.
    -Misuse of the expression begging the question. Also getting out of control.
    -Misuse of quotation marks. Most people probably would have erroneously put irony and begging the question in quotation marks up there.
    -Lack of proof-reading online.
    -Overuse of commas (yes most of my pet peeves are grammar-related).
    -Text-speak. I can’t even understand tweets half the time because they are so loaded with insane abbreviations.
    -People in stores who act like the very existence of your children is a burden to society.
    -Overuse of the word just during prayer.
    -Christian music. I thought maybe I would have a better attitude after a 10-year hiatus, but I don’t. Yesterday the Christian station was playing in the Burger King playland, and it was driving me crazy. The highlight was a song about how God clearly exists, and you are an idiot if you don’t see this obvious fact (yes, fact). You’re probably right lady Christian singer, Dawkins and Hutchins are idiots compared to the remarkable intellect of your anecdotal song (I don’t know if sarcasm transfers in written word here, but yes I’m being sarcastic).

    But my number one of all time…
    -All reality tv shows. It doesn’t matter what kind it is, I dislike them all. Give me a script and single-camera format forever.

  2. I’ve been thinking about mine, here they are:

    1. Parents who do not parent, you know the ones, always on their cell phone and kid running around like crazy!

    2. People saying things like “I’m fat” to encourage you to tell them they are not.

    3. Dishes left beside the dishwasher.

    4. Unsolicited advice. If I want your advice I will most likely ask for it.

    5. Christians stuck in the Christian bubble, not caring about the lost.

  3. 1. littering
    2. used gum thrown in grass, which I step on
    3. ethnocentrism
    4. using the word “like” every other word in conversation
    5. wasting food unnecessarily
    6. gossip

    I must admit that some of these I am too frequently guilty of so please stop me if you catch me doing them!

  4. I am 100% with you on saying like!

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