One More Football Post

I try not to overdo it on sports here.  There are truly more important things in life, but I do enjoy sports and having the Vikings in the NFC Championship game finally got to me.  The only other time they have been there in my life they pulled a massive choke-job and lost to the Falcons.  Missed field goals and mismanagement of the clock are horrible reasons to lose a game.  I was in Greece at the time expecting to come home and see the Vikes win a Super Bowl.  When I heard they lost on a crackly CNN feed I punched the brick wall in my hotel room.

I’ve calmed down about football quite a bit since then.  Having kids led to me watching very little football for the past four years and I think that helped me see that getting to invested in it is a little ridiculous.  A random group of guys put on certain color uniforms and all of the sudden I love them!  Just the fact that I could hate Favre (as a player) for so long because he was a Packer, have him switch his jersey, and now love him shows how fickle sports are.

That said, I have come to some balance where sports doesn’t affect me much, but I do still really enjoy watching them, especially when the Vikings are playing in a big game.  Hey, they may not do that again in my lifetime, so I will milk it for all it’s worth today!

Go Vikings!

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