Thoughts on the Vikes Running It Up

The moment Farve rolled out and threw a TD pass to Shiancoe with under two minutes left to put the Vikes up 34-3 on the Cowboys, I knew that would be discussed to death this week.  I haven’t been wrong.  But in case the topic still has a breath of life in it, thought I’d deal the death blow.  A few thoughts.

1. The NFL is sport, but it is also very definitely entertainment.  When I go to a movie I don’t watch a car chase where a couple cars crash and say, “That is plenty.  I hope they just end with a nice picnic in the park now.”  Points are fun; kneeling down is not.

2. It was running up the score.  I heard a clip of Favre saying they weren’t running up the score and that’s just not what he does.  That is about as true as saying he doesn’t waffle on retirement so he won’t have to go through training camp.  Favre and Childress need to man up and just admit they were having fun and didn’t want to stop scoring.  Don’t pretend the outcome of the game depended on it.

3. Keith Brooking is wrong.  If we want to have NFL games end before they are over then make a rule where one team can decide to forfeit.  That’s what they do in boxing.  If a boxer is getting wasted (like the Boys did on Sunday) they can throw in the towel.  You don’t throw in the towel–the fight continues to the bell.  Aside from such a rule change the game is over when the clock says 0:00 and there’s no reason teams can’t play until it does.

4. The Vikings need to be okay with the Cowboys lighting them up in return.  Be it one, five, or ten years from now, when the Vikings get rolled 45-2 by the Boys they better not whine about how classless it is.

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  1. On this note, on the B.S. Report, Simmons had a guest who is also a Pats fan (like Simmons not me). He spent a solid 3 minutes crying about how the media was so much meaner to the Pats for running it up in 07 than they are with the Vikes now, so the media is biased against the Pats. Are you kidding me?

    Regardless, running up the score in grade school or college…not cool (except in the ridiculous BCS where you need the style points), but in pro sports? Quit whining. Cris Carter astutely pointed out that some people thought the Vikes were setting a bad example of sportsmanship for the PP&K kids who were there. Carter said actually the Cowboys were setting a bad example of how to tackle. Boom.

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