Holy Spirit

It amazes me how the further I dive into what it means to follow Jesus the more I have to rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit.  It’s not so much that I can’t function–fulfilling my responsibilities of job, family, and life–relying on myself and the abilities and skills I’ve developed, but that I find when I do that it is so utterly inferior to what the Spirit can bring out through those abilities and skills when I rely on him.  It is true too that I do get in plenty of situations where I have little idea what to do and again seeking the Holy Spirit’s direction becomes absolutely essential.

This is an interesting dynamic since I imagine to most who have not engaged Jesus in a way that leads to a depth beyond simple morality or ritual must think “relying on the leading of the Holy Spirit” sounds like either a cop-out or superstition.  Fair enough.  There are some things in life, and especially in faith, that can’t really be explained sufficiently, they have to be experienced.

There are many rational arguments for the validity of the faith that was founded on and is based in Jesus Christ.  It is far from being a superstitious belief system without and grounding.  However, in my life I have found that some of the most powerful evidence of the truth of Christian faith is the experience of the Holy Spirit.  Too much of Christianity has relegated the Holy Spirit to the attic or basement (whatever part of the house is extremely uncomfortable and forgotten except when you need to get out the Christmas decorations or your high school diploma).  A good and balanced book about the topic is The Forgotten God by Francis Chan.

I think more Christians relying on the leading of the Holy Spirit on a moment by moment basis would leave us with a much better reputation and far greater influence for good in the world.

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