This season leading up to Christmas (Advent) has been really good for me.  In the last five or more years I’ve gotten to the point where I go along with whatever I’m doing and then all of the sudden it’s Christmas (one year it was so bad I did some Christmas shopping the afternoon of Christmas Eve).  But this year I’ve been more intentional about engaging the season and it’s yielding some great things in my life.  Here are some of the things that have helped me.

  • Advent.  The church I’m at takes Advent very seriously, and I think other churches I’ve been at did too, but this year I’m preparing sermons that fit Advent themes and thinking about how to help others engage it, so that’s made me much more aware than I have been in the past.  Also, for the first time (probably because I haven’t listened closely in the past) I’m understanding Advent as a time to remember Christ’s first coming, but perhaps even more to anticipate his return.  This is something I truly can anticipate since it hasn’t happened yet, and it is infusing some anticipation back into the whole season for me.
  • Kids.  Kids look forward to Christmas.  Michelle and I are regularly considering how we can shape that anticipation to teach them and also just enjoy the anticipation with them.  When someone else is really looking forward to something it helps me to look forward to it too.
  • Events.  We have more Christmas related events this year than I can remember for a while.  Nothing deep or philosophical here, but these help me to really enjoy the whole season.

Hope you’re having a good time building anticipation through this season of Advent too!

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