Our family got a treat this weekend.  On Friday morning Michelle got a call from a North Dakota area code.  She picked up and it was my cousin, Tanner, calling to let us know he was in town with his basketball team to play a couple games over the weekend.  We had plans Friday night, but we got to go spend some time with him at his hotel on Saturday and then go watch him play against Metro State that afternoon.

We really had a great time.  It amazes me how deep the bonds of family can be.  We haven’t seen Tanner in over four years, but we didn’t have to think about making the time to be with him when the opportunity came up.  It wasn’t awkward being with him, it was a lot of fun.  He may even come back to visit sometime next year with his girlfriend (we hope he does!).

My favorite moment of the day was on the way to dinner after leaving the basketball game.  Isaiah asked if Tanner was coming with us to dinner and we told him he had to leave with his team.  Isaiah said, “if Tanner came over to our house then daddy would get to see his cousin and I would get to see that guy I like a lot.”  Leave it to a four-year old to willingly make a new friend in about an hour of real interaction.

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