MLB and the Bully

It was in kindergarden, or maybe earlier, when I was first schooled in the ways of fair gameplay.  You round up a bunch of kids on the playground, tell everyone the game of the day, and select captains.  The captains use some mature method of figuring out who will choose first–rock, paper, scissors, picking a number, or just whoever is more physically intimidating.  From there the process is pretty simple–I pick one, you pick one, I pick one, you whine about it, then you pick another one. 

Now imagine it happening another way, maybe you’ve even been in a setting where this happened.  One of the bullies says, “Hey, Jimmy, Butch, Goliath, and the Hulk are on my team, go get four other people for your team.”  Of course those four are by far the best players in the school, but if you want to play you have to go along with it because there’s no way the bully is going to do “I pick one, you pick one.”

And in a nutshell that is Major League Baseball.  The Yankees pick whoever they want and everyone else gets to fight over the leftovers.  It’s amazing they don’t win the World Series every year.

I know it sounds like I’m blaming the Yankees, and I do cheer against them with passion, but really it’s not their problem.  The teacher (MLB) tells them it’s okay to be the bully.  It should be up to the leaders of the league to make sure it is fair competition, not the teams.

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  1. Okay, I just looked this up. George Steinbrenner has approx. 1.6 billion in net worth while Carl Pohland, your owner of your small market team, has a net worth of 3.6 billion. I am a math teacher so the next part is easy, your owner has more money than the Yankee owner. A lot more money, he just doesn’t want to spend it.

  2. Brett! I knew I could count on you for a comment. I was actually thinking of you when I wrote it. I am not an internet teacher but I’m pretty sure all the info on the www isn’t accurate. Regardless, even yesterday I mustered all the happiness I could for you as you enjoy another championship.

  3. Interesting exchange, guys! However, Brett, Carl Pohlad is not worth anything anymore. He died in January of last year.

  4. One more thing you might find interesting. Check out
    You’ll see that the Yankees are, by far, the biggest spender to buy the best players (and hence, buy the World Series). In fact, the difference between their payroll and the next highest one is about $65 million. That’s more than the entire payroll of 7 teams. No wonder it’s so easy to hate the Yankees! I affirm the ‘bully’ position of Trevor…..

  5. Okay, the fact that Carl is dead blows a hole in my arguement. I will concede that battle but not the war. Lets remember, the yankee’s payroll is down 9 million from last year and no one posted anything the last 9 years about there payroll and not winning.

  6. I do hate the Yankees so I hate to defend them, but…

    The yankees are one of the only teams to actually spend more money than their revenue from ticket sales and stuff. Fortunately for their owner, their merchandising puts them back in the profit zone. It is frustrating as a fan of another team that my team’s owner is not willing to pony up to keep the players we develop. I can’t help but feel that the Twins are a farm team for the Yankees and Red Sox.

    Having said this, I hate the yankees WS win. I was flipping through the channels and saw Jeter addressing New Yorkers by saying, “It’s been way too long.” Really? Nine years is way too long? Shut your stupid mouth. Also, it’s no big accomplishment to win with your payroll. That’s like a rich guy bragging about how fast his sports car can go. No kidding dude, you paid for it to go fast. You aren’t exceeding any expectations there. At least it’s over now.

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