Get Ready to Hit Something

From the annals of things that make me not want to be a Christian…

I heard a true story (I know because it was firsthand) today of a women’s small group where they were discussing their lives in the past week.  One of the women was looking for someone to do some work on her house.  A potential workman came by with his daughter and she had her son there to talk with him.  They asked him a couple questions and then she noticed he didn’t have a wedding ring on. 

“Where’s your ring?” she asked.
“Oh, I’m not married,” he replied.

She went on to proudly tell how she and her son decided they wouldn’t hire him because they “had to draw the line somewhere.”  She was asked if they told the man why they didn’t hire him.

“Oh yes,” she responded.  “My son told him we’re Christians and we can’t hire someone who is divorced or has children out of wedlock.”

I really have no words to describe the disgust I feel over this.  I can’t imagine Jesus would either.  Just a bit different than the man who let a “woman of sin” cry on his feet and then kiss them repeatedly.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have let her work on his house though.

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