Favre Magic

Most of my football watching career has had one constant–Brett Favre as the quarterback of the Packers.  More often than not he destroyed the hopes and dreams of my beloved Vikings.  He just seemed to be one of those players who was lucky.  Sure, he was great, talented, and put in the effort it took to be prepared, but he also got the bounces to go his way more often than now.

Well, if one week tells us anything he brought that luck with him to the Twin Cities this year.  I haven’t been a big fan of his acquisition, and I’m still not thrilled he’s a Viking, but I have to acknowledge that the last play this week was one of the few times when I’ve been on the fun end of an amazing (and lucky?) play.  The Vikings are notorious for blowing it (see going 15-1 in the regular season and then losing before the Super Bowl thanks to bad clock management and missed kicks), but this week we got one.  No matter my feelings for the situation I’m thankful to be on this end of some Favre magic.

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  1. I recently took part in a sweet discussion with Eric over whether Vikings fans are sellouts if they cheer for Favre now. He made some good points, especially recalling my sentiment in college that I wanted to go to a Bears-Packers game in Chicago so I could throw rocks at Favre.

    My main conclusion is that love for a team trumps dislike of any particular player. My entire football-enjoying life has ben spent building animosity toward Favre. But if that’s who my team picked up, I have to support him. I don’t support the decision, but I support my team, no matter what. It’s difficult to cheer for the old guy, but I can do it.

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