The DOC, Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, the second reason I find myself being excited about the DOC (Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)), is the fundamental way they view denominations.

“Each church body in God’s grace is unique, just as each of God’s children is unique.  Our need is to recognize who we now are with our own heritage and to affirm it.  With a strong identity as to who we are as Disciples of Christ we shall be prepared to join with others who know who they are and together find who Christ knows us to be and calls us to become.” 

What a wonderful and brilliant way to combine the existence of denominations and the unity of the one church.  Perhaps if on a larger level local churches and even denominations could see themselves truly as members of one Body, a Body that is incapacitated without the others, the mosaic of Christ on earth would be beautified by the diversity rather than disfigured by schism.  I have yet to find out how this sentiment is lived out in the DOC, but regardless, I know there is a great foundation from which to work.

It is an amazing God who can mold us as he needs to in order to carry out the work he’s set out for us, and I am grateful for his grace in bringing me to a place, yes, even a denomination, where I can find a home without forsaking my deep conviction about the unity of the one church and the essential centrality of Christ.

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  1. This is great stuff Trevor! Really reminds me of what the Church of God claims to be, but doesn’t always accomplish. I’m thrilled for you and your family in this transition. I hope you’re settling in nicely. Sorry we missed you in the fray. Let’s skype again sometime sooner than later.


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