The Impending Transition

The post just below this one covers the story of how we have come to the point we are moving back to Denver.  Here are some details about us, the church, and Infuse.

The Move

My last day at Starbucks is this coming Thursday, August 20.  That afternoon we’ll head back to Indiana to spend a week with our family.  Michelle and the kids are flying to Colorado on Wednesday, August 26th and my brother is flying here to drive to Colorado with me.  We will load up the truck on the 27th (anyone in Illinois please come help us out at 9:30!) and unpack in Colorado on the 29th.  (If any of you Coloradans want to help unload we’d love to have you–around 9 or 10 on the 29th!) 

Our new address will be 2165 S. Cherokee St.  Denver, CO  80223

Our New Church

September 1st I will begin as Senior Pastor of Mountair Christian Church in Lakewood.  It is right on the border of Lakewood and Denver at Sheridan and 14th.  It is a beautiful family of believers.  They are incredibly loving and have a passion to live out the kingdom of God with each other and in the community.  The church is a part of the Disciples of Christ denomination. 


We have earnestly sought God’s leading in regard to Infuse.  Through that we have decided to morph it from a church planting organization into a not-for-profit ministry that helps people live out their faith in active discipleship.  We want to enable lives of unity, mission, and generosity, rooted in Christ.  Obviously my full-time job will now be pastoring Mountair.  I will still be working on writing in regard to the values that have been birthed out of Infuse, creating resources we can use at Mountair that can be used other places as well, and Michelle and I will continue living missional lives (something all Christians should be doing no matter what their job!). 

One piece of Infuse I’m very excited about is our vision to enable the creative pursuit of unity, mission, and generosity, rooted in Christ through grants to disciples who share this vision.  For example, Cory will continue his work at Eastwood and as opportunities arise Infuse will be able to financially support what he’s doing there.  We hope over time this will spur people on to action who might otherwise be frustrated by financial barriers to pursuing the things God calls them to.

We have come to be very excited about all the changes, even though they’re not all easy!  In the coming weeks please keep our family, Mountair, and the people who have been a part of Infuse in Aurora in your prayers.  And of course feel free to email me at if you have questions.

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  1. Trev,

    Thanks for your faithful response to God’s calling! I know it has been an exciting and somewhat frustrating process for you and Michelle over the last months but God has called you and family for a special ministry and I trust you are in His will.

    Tricia and I continue to pray for you daily and value your friendship immensly.


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