Goodbye, sweet coffee

The title of this post is intentionally misleading.  It’s meant to lure thousands of readers here where they will expect to find a scintillating article about the impending doom of the worldwide coffee market due to the outbreak of radioactive grasshoppers.  That’s not what it’s about.

It’s not even about me giving up coffee, a less interesting, but still honest post based on the titile.  Nay (not nay like I’m a horse now, but nay like the old way of saying no), all I want to say here is that as the weather warms I realize my opportunities for drinking hot coffee are drawing to a close for another season.  I have a personal rule that I follow at least 90% of the time that I don’t drink hot coffee once the temperature is over 70. 

So farewell nice ceramic mugs and robust black blends.  Hello plastic cups and robust black blends poured over ice and matched with milk and sweetness.  So I guess this post should be called hello, sweet coffee.  Man, it’s a manipulative day for me today!

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