Prayer Alignment

What you pray can tell you a lot about where you are in relation to God’s heart for the world. I realized today that my prayer time and the things I ask people to pray for have changed significantly in the past couple years. It used to be if there was a time to share prayer requests I’d have to sit there and think about it for a while. Sometimes I couldn’t come up with anything at all. Sometimes I had to stretch to come up with something. Usually my requests revolved around me. And I wasn’t that engaged with being a part of God’s purposes and redemption of the world.

Now if you ask me for prayer requests I don’t need time to think. And you probably will need a few minutes. Most of what comes out is about people I know, not about me.

The main difference is that over the past couple years I’ve become far more aligned with the purposes of God in the world. Taking his call to die to myself and live for others through him seriously.

It struck me that the readiness of things we need to pray for and ask others to pray for and the content of those prayers says a lot about how aligned we are with him.

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