Ole’ Isaiah

Warning: This one is rated PG-13, so don’t read it if that will offend you.

Isaiah Rocking outLately Isaiah has been into making up words.  He has come up with gems like nashu, dammer, and shishunananana.  Sometimes it’s annoying when you’re asking him what he wants for lunch and he responds, “nashu.”  Other times it’s pretty funny.  Then there was a couple nights ago when it was downright hilarious.

He was playing with a couple pieces of fake wood from his plastic workbench in our living room (actually now the basement is our living room and so the living room is a playroom).  He was banging them together and then he wound up and chucked them across the room.  He looked and them and shrieked, “There go my bitches!!”  I started laughing uncontrollably and rolling around on the couch.  I think he thought I was laughing because he had thrown his pseudo-wood, so he went to pick them up and throw them again.  He could only find one and he looked at me slightly distraught and said, “Oh no, I can’t find my other bitch.”  This kept me rolling and Michelle was walking around with her hands over her mouth (to hide her laughter) saying, “Trevor, stop.  You have to stop.  He’s going to start saying it all the time.”

I couldn’t stop, but he hasn’t said it again, so I think we’re okay.

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  1. I’m thinking he broke into the Ludicriss CD’s.

    Dude, great writing lately. Loved the burger stare down man.

    Let’s talk sometime soon.

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