In many different areas of life I’ve been reminded recently how much of life is about finding balance.  One of the places I’ve been thinking about this a lot is in issues realted to living out faith, which is certainly brought to the forefront by issues we’re dealing with here in Aurora.  Here’s a few that I’ve wrestled with in the past couple weeks.

  1. Assisting and Controlling.  Probably especially evident in leadership development–how do you find the balance between encouraging and assisting someone on one side and trying to control and mold their growth too much on the other.  On one side you risk never helping someone reach their full potential because they aren’t being given challenge and guidance, and on the other you risk the same outcome because you try to make them be just like you and never give them opportunities to fail and learn.
  2. God’s work and my work–I believe that God is the one who works in people’s hearts and minds and that the Bible is true when it says God responds to our prayers.  I also believe that God’s plan for making much of his agenda happen is his Church; us.  So when do I rely on God and when do I try to make things happen?
  3. Affinity and diveristy–I believe God values all people and that I will have the easiest time impacting those who are like me.  Not so much in ethnicity (though that may be true too), but in life stage, socio-economic place, and shared activities.  On the other hand, you can’t read the Bible and believe that God doesn’t want us to go to the poor and downtrodden. 

I’m sure I’ll continue to wrestle with these forever, but they’ve been good things for me to consider.

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