Lean on the Elliptical

I was at the gym participating in my daily (okay, four or five times a week, but I can exaggerate right?) sweatfest and for some odd reason I started watching others work out.  Normally my eyeballs are fastened with unwavering loyalty to the miniature TV screen in front of my chosen instrument of torture as it beams the blessed rays of light that are ESPN.  Today, however, my loyalty wavered and I started people watching.  I noticed two different kinds of people in the process.

The difference I noticed had to do with the way people worked out.  The first were those who executed their exercises with excellent form in a very controlled way.  They weren’t in a hurry, but they were very intentional.  The second were people who seemed to be going as quickly as they could or lifting more weight than it looked like they should.  But interestingly these people almost all were attacking the task in front of them with some variation of the proper form that made the exercise easier than it should have been.  The woman in front of me leaned most of her body weight on the machine as her feet spun quickly on the elliptical pedals.  The man lifting weights on my left used his body momentum more than his muscles to lift the weights.

And the most interesting thing about this observation, at least to me, was that the first group almost all seemed to be in very good shape.  Those in the latter group seemed to be struggling more and their bodies seemed less in shape.  Could it be that their lack of discipline in the method of exercise betrayed a lack of discipline in other areas?  Did they always try to find the way that looked difficult but cut corners to get there?  I know I do those things sometimes.  I need to work on my form.

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