Being led by my kids

No, we don't make them ride in the trunk!

No, we don

I love being a dad.  I love how Isaiah wraps his arms around me and holds on for ten seconds or more before I leave for work in the morning.  I love that Ayla is so proud of being potty trained that each success results in a dance break.  I love that Isaiah came up with the idea of being a statue out of nowhere and can keep you laughing with it for minutes at a time.  I love that Ayla has an internal alarm that goes of every fifteen minutes alerting her that she needs to snuggle with someone.  But perhaps as much as anything I love that I’m starting to really understand what Jesus meant by having the faith of a child because of my kids.  I’ve always had some vague idea, but that idea is coming into focus because of them.

  1. They will break out into songs about Jesus randomly.  They don’t wait to “go to church.”  For them the fact that they are alive and the song popped in their head are good enough reasons.  Expressing joy toward God is spontaneous and heartfelt.  One of Isaiah’s latest things is to make up “praise Jesus songs.”
  2. They believe prayer works.  Ayla’s been sick this week and yesterday Michelle told Isaiah she wasn’t feeling well.  He said, “Mommy, can we pray for Ayla.”  Then he proceeded to pray for her and now expects her to be better.  And as silly as it might sound to us adults, God answers their prayers.  Isaiah has nightmares once in a while and whenever we go into his room at one of those times he asks us to pray that he won’t have any more and he prays the same.  I can’t remember a time he’s had another one after those prayers.
  3. They obey.  Okay, they don’t always obey us, but if you tell them God says something they believe it and try to do it.
  4. They’re not fragmented.  Every day of their life is a big ball of sin, compassion, anger, kindness, praise, unkind words, asking to read the Bible, singing to God, singing about other things, regression, and growth.  They don’t have certain places and certain times to act certain ways.  They are who they are, all the time.

It’s an amazing feeling to know that your children are teaching you.  And in so many ways learning from them leads me more deeply into the kingdom of God.

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  1. Love the picture of the kids!! They are so awesome.

  2. This was beautiful.
    The lack of compartmentalization by kids is what needs to be restored in us as adults. We lose the fluid understanding of spirituality when we get older and especially in western culture where we learn to think in linear steps.
    I’m not sure what type of resources you’re looking for to add to your spiritual formation bank, but it seems one might be… just going to a playground, watching the kids (preferably you take kids with you so you don’t look like a creep) and reminding yourself of how free and fluid life should be. This is one thing I’m trying to accomplish at Adullam broadening the perspective to see life as integrated. This, to me, is a key aspect of the missional movement actually becoming missional.

  3. As a grandparent, hearing about Isaiah’s faith is amazing to me. I hope he always holds fast to that. You and Michelle are awesome parents.

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