Planned Obedience

I had a great time being back on campus at Huntington University (unlike the few hardcore holdouts, I have acquiesced to calling it University instead of College, I just can’t stop it so I have to accept it).  I think speaking in chapel went well, whatever that means.  My fly wasn’t open and the students seemed engaged, so I was glad for both of those things.  This time going back to HU was different though.  For the first time it hit me how far removed I am from college.  I graduated 8 years ago and I’m no longer able to delude myself into thinking “I just graduated.”

It amazes me how much 8 years can change your life.  Marriage, moving across the country, two kids, grad school, many new friendships, church planting (and that in a way I didn’t even consider church four years ago), a second move back toward where we started, the decision to keep a beard during the colder months–all these things contributing to who I’m becoming.  Listing things out that way makes it sound like I’ve had control over it, but it’s amazing what a small percentage of my plans have come to fruition. 

In college I had everything planned out.  Now, after eight years away, I am finding the value in being obedient to Christ in the present and letting the future handle itself.  It’s not that I don’t plan (our kids are 3 and 2 and we’ve spent hours talking about what they’ll do for school) but I realize more clearly that many of my plans will only happen if I’m disobedient to God.  Many of the things I thought I’d do and places I’d go are very different than the things and places God has taken me.  I think being obedient and worrying less about the future is part of growing in trust of God.  Trusting that wherever he takes me and whatever I do, it will be right if I learn to listen to him better and to be more obedient to what I hear.

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  1. Dude…so pumped your zipper worked.

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