A Simple Question

I’m a comfort junkie.  I don’t mean that I am averse to a rush of adrenaline here and there–I love roller coaster and I’d be glad to sky dive.  But give me a situation that makes me feel a little awkward or toss in some tension and my natural bent is to take off running.  The problem with being a comfort junkie is that nothing really ever happens.

Take exercising as an example.  I am comfortable with a certain amount of time, at a certain pace, four days a week.  But if I never step up the pace, or increase the time, or the frequency (which all are either uncomfortable or inconvenient at the time) I’ll never be in any better shape than I am right now.  And that is not what I want. 

In many areas of my life I dream about the great outcomes I hope to see, but I’m hesitant to deal with the difficulty of seeing them come to fruition.  God has been hammering me on this lately.  Reminding me that if I want to join with him in his mission of redemption in the world, then I’m not going to be able to lay on the couch and eat Cheetos (weird, I never do that anyway, but I think you get the point).  I’m going to have to put myself in some situations that feel awkward at the time.  I have to learn to listen to him and obey when he asks me to do something.

To that end, about two weeks ago I started praying a simple prayer, “God, what do you want me to do?”  (Quick diatribe, I know we often want to say “oh, God wants us to be something, not do something.  If we are who we are supposed to be and are close to him we’ll do things he wants us to do naturally.”  I disagree.  The only way God can answer my prayer of “What do you want me to do?” is if I am truly seeking him for an answer.  Which involves reading the Bible to understand the type of things he’s about, and talking to him and listening to him enough to hear anything from him.  God doesn’t want us to just sit around and meditate on him.  Ultimately he wants us to be close to him so we can join him in his mission.  Drawing near to God and asking what he wants me to do aren’t in opposition to each other, they’re inseparable.  I digress.)  Since then I truly believe he’s put two things in front of me (which I have discussed and confirmed with other believers to make sure I’m not just being crazy).  I’ve put them off, they’re not comfortable for me.  But then I believe God was saying, “Look Trevor, I can’t give you anything else if I can’t trust you with a couple little things.”  God was right (can you believe that?).  So I’ve followed through on one and will on the other in the next 9 days (there’s a reason for that time frame).

And I’m going to keep asking God what he wants me to do.  I hope over time I prove trustworthy enough that he will allow me to join in his mission in more and more uncomfortable ways–and that through it I’ll end my addiction to comfort.

Will you ask God what he wants you to do and be open to an answer?

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