Football Foolishness

Football season is back and I’m pumped!  The title of this post has nothing to do with football itself being foolish, saying that would be frightfully foolish.  Nay, this post is so titled because of something I was reminded of on ESPN radio this morning.  They had Mark Schlereth, one of their NFL gurus on, and he kept saying things like “he’s a great football coach,” “that will make for a great football game,” and “he’s a great football player.”  Let’s see, you’re an NFL analyst, talking about NFL teams, wouldn’t “he’s a great coach,” “that will make for a great game,” and “he’s a great player” be sufficient?  I think he said the word football about 37 times during my five minute drive.

Sorry for pointing this out, because it’s sort of like when someone points out how a person says “umm” all the time.  From that point forward you can’t ignore it and it annoys you.  This will too, so try to forget.

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  1. Good point. The man is a tautological arse.

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