Telling on Mommy

On Thursday Michelle ventured out to the local park with the kids.  There’s a small (free) zoo at Phillips Park in Aurora and Ayla loves animals.  It was Ayla’s birthday so Michelle figured out that would a fitting place to go for the morning.  Jump in your time machine and fast-forward to 6:00 that evening.

I came home from work and the second I stepped through the door Ayla came running up to me, so excited that she could barely get out what she wanted to say.

(Read this in a squeaking fast voice)  “Mommy, mommy, mommy, said no, no, no, no, pet da animals.  Mommy said no pet da animals.  No pet em!!!”

Apparantly at the zoo Ayla had asked to pet every animal they saw–the peacocks, the cougar, the crocidiles, the wolves.  And unbelievably Michelle told her no!  They did get to pet a baby python, I’m thankful I wasn’t there for that.

That evening Ayla told me at least fifteen times that mommy wouldn’t let her pet the animals.  In the three days since then she’s told me at least ten more times and the first things she’s said to anyone we see is that mommy wouldn’t let her pet the animals.  Michelle says, “I’m never going to live this down, she’ll be telling on me for not letting her pet the cougar forever!”

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