Flowers smell better than missionaries

One of thflowerse challenges that faces people who are trying to engage in more organic forms of church, which naturally progress more slowly numerically than Sunday-service focused churches, is raising and keeping a financial foundation.  While many of us are working other jobs either full or part-time, it is easiest to lead in organic churches if there is at least some income to help.  Even if people are willing to work a full-time job and be a catlyst in beginning some kind of organic/missional church, it may not be the most effective way to go about it.

Some may object to the pleas for financial help in mission by people like me because there are literally thousands of great causes vying for the generous and cheerful giving of people who want to honor God through the stewardship of what he’s given them.  That is true, but as long as I hear stories like the following one I’m not going to put too much credence in that objection.

One of the things many churches will do is set up a foundation–basically a special fund that can only be used for specific purposes that are largely controlled by the original giver.  There is a church I heard of that has a foundation, and the purpose of it is to put flowers on the alter.  Now, you probably think that based on the title I’m going to gripe about the fact that there’s a foundation like this at all–and I could–but it gets better.  The committee that oversees this foundation decided that they would just put flowers on the alter once a year and just use any extra money people contribute or the income from the interest to grow the foundation more. 

As it stands now, this foundation earns about $10,000 a year in interest (so what, about $9700 goes back into the fund) and has a value over $100,000!  So while a myriad of good causes, and a huge number of willing missionaries struggle to find the financial support to keep going, we have churches sitting on huge amounts of money that they will NEVER use.  Nothing like building bigger barns.

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  1. systems keeping the movement of Jesus locked in a box… “Once upon a time there was a tiger who ran free and wild. He was caught and sent to the near-by zoo. The end.”

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