A Time to Grieve

In recent times I haven’t found much time to read the paper or watch the news.  I keep up with a story here and there by perusing the headlines when I go to yahoo to check my email, but unfortunately I’ve been largely ignorant of the devastation in our world right now.  The reality of our world before the consummation of Christ’s kingdom is that there will be war, strife, disaster, death, hurt, and brokenness.  But the ongoing presence of these things does not necessitate our numbness to them.  So I ask you to take a few minutes with me to soak in the anguish around the world.  Imagine that your friends or family are involved in these stories, because they all involve husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters.

  • Earthquake in China.  This disaster has now claimed the lives of at least 40,000 people.  It injured an additional 275,000 and there are 33,000 missing.  That is nearly 350,000 dead, hurt or missing.  350,000! 
  • Myanmar.  A cyclone tore through Myanmar in early May, devastating an already poor region and is compounded by the fact that the government leaders there have been largely unwilling to allow foreign relief workers and aid into the country.  A huge number of people are suffering from starvation and the destruction there.
  • Violence in South Africa.  South African nationals have been raiding the homes of immigrants/refugees because they believe they are stealing jobs.  They are burning their homes, slaughtering with machetes, and even burning them alive.  This is significantly tied to the mounting crisis in Zimbabwe where violence has surged since an April 29 election.

If you would like to help address these, please research how to do that.  Here is a link to get you started.


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