I hate the Spurs

I don’t watch much NBA basketball.  Somehow highly-paid athletes going half-speed one-on-one with no defense for three hours at a time doesn’t suck me in.  Plus, to write that sentence about the NBA I had to use way more dashes than I’m comfortable with.  Every year I begin my NBA watching when the playoffs role around.  The quality of basketball picks up quite a bit, and I just can’t resist sports.  Since we’ve had kids I watch about two quarters a week as opposed to the two to three games a week I used to watch.

There are a couple teams in the NBA I like, but they usually don’t make the playoffs, so I don’t usually care too much who wins.  The only exception to this is that I always want the San Antonio Spurs to lose.  I admit up front that they are very good and I might dislike them because I don’t like to see the same teams win all the time, but I think there are two much more prominent reasons for my loathing.

1. They are HUGE whiners.  The NBA, and professional sports in general, have become leagues of whiners overall, which is a pet peeve of mine, but I think there’s no team in the world, nay the universe, that is worse than they are.  Last night they got fouls called on the Hornets at least five or six times by flailing and flopping on the floor when on the replay they didn’t get touched.  Then, on the other end, they could mug somebody and they would still pout like my one year old when the refs called a foul.  They have three of the five worst whiners in the league on their team, in this order–Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker.  Their collective whineyness is worse than a nursery.

2. They are boring.  How many times do I have to watch them milk the clock and then drop it down to Tim Duncan who does his, I’m a big guy with little agility who spins, shoots, and fakes a foul?  As I said in the opening, this has nothing to do with them being good or not, it just means they’re boring.  And I’m not saying that because they play good defense and hold the other team from scoring.  I enjoy watching defense and they and the Celtics are two of the best right now.  I just can’t stand their style of play.  Personal preference I guess.  Perhaps what sums it up the best it Tim Duncan’s free throw motion.  Get the ball…stand there looking at the rim thinking about how to fake a foul the next time down the floor…what did I have for dinner last night?…and after about ten minutes finally shoot.

So here’s hoping the Lakers can do what the Hornets couldn’t.

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  1. Amen! Love hanging out with you bro!

  2. I feel exactly the same way. Especially with the whining. And Ginobli looks he’s having a seizure trying to draw a foul every time he drives. I’ve also done some reflection on why I hate the Spurs, and I think it is legitimate to say that it is not just because they are good and defense and win the championship a lot. They are truly obnoxious.

  3. Y. Edward Robertson, Jr.

    Hey Trevor, give the Spurs some respect. I believe you are a great guy but your points are wrong. Let me tell you why. first, flopping is now a central part of the game. Teams are now implementing it as a new defensive and offensive strategy. so the Spurs are not the only team implementing such beautiful strategy on both side of the court. Second. The best teams or the best players always benefit from the referee’s selective blindness or their 20/20 vision. The Spurs is one of the best teams in the league, they are now reaping dividends from the referees.

  4. Ryan, we can have a nice debate sometime about whether Ginobli or Duncan is worse, maybe we’d both win!

    Edward, I agree the the superstars in the league get special treatment from the refs no matter which team they play for–so we are together on that. I also agree that there is flopping on every team, but I hate it when anyone does it and the Spurs are the worst team collectively in the league. Pragmatically they are smart for being the finest floppers, but it disrespects the game. Perhaps they can’t win based on skill alone?

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