ode to my wife

Michelle pulling kids in wagonTomorrow marks the anniversary of my favorite birth other than Jesus’ (and possibly my own since I couldn’t appreciate any if mine hadn’t happened?  Is that narcissistic or a philosophical necessity?).  My beautiful wife was born 29 years ago on May 17. 

The past year has taught me a lot about her, and has made me fall more in love with her than ever.  By leaving Denver last April, staying in Huntington for a few months, and then coming to Aurora she embarked with me on one of the most difficult journies of her life.  She left the comfort of a city she loved, a church community, and the two dearest friends she’s ever had.  She left what she knew and jumped into a new place learning a new way of being the church and a missionary to her culture.  She doesn’t really like change, so changing almost everything about her life wasn’t any easy thing for her to do.  But if you ask her today she would tell you she wouldn’t change it.

Here’s what all of that has taught me about her.

  1. My wife loves Jesus.  There is absolutely no cliche in that when I think of her.  She has sacrificed so much because she wants to follow where he leads and apprehend his desires for her as her own.  She parents our kids well out of a love for Jesus and a belief that he’s given them to her as a gift.  She is truly devoted to following him no matter the cost.
  2. She’s real.  Through all of the last year she has been open about her struggles, her desire for real relationships that delve beneath the surface, and the joys that she finds in life.  I don’t often have to guess with her, and I love that. 
  3. She loves our family.  She is absolutely passionate about our kids and our marriage.  She wants our family relationships to be the strongest they can possibly be and she fights to make it happen.  Our family is what it is because of her.
  4. She is God’s greatest gift to me.  Maybe I’ve always known that, but I feel it more than ever before.  She loves me, encourages me, challenges me, and balances me.  I am better because of her.

So honey, have a wonderful birthday!

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  1. Well said, Trevor – thanks for sharing that.

  2. How beautiful! No wonder she cried after she read it.

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